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Ignition Casino is a relative newcomer in the online casino and mobile gaming industry, established in 2016. Ignition is truly a full-service casino, offering a ton of gaming options for players. In addition to the standard slots, table, and specialty games, Ignition offers mobile blackjack, plenty of live dealer games, as well as a poker room that hosts a variety of poker options, tournaments, and freerolls. Players also often have access to no deposit bonuses which is a great way to test your luck.

Casino Overview

In the Australian online casino market, it is hard for casinos, especially relative newcomers, to differentiate themselves from the competition. With a marketplace that is truly saturated with hundreds of options, online casino sites need to offer something special to capture a piece of the market share. With hundreds of casinos to choose from, finding a way to stand out isn't always easy. Ignition Casino appears to have cracked the code. With an equal focus on slots and tables, as well as mobile blackjack, Ignition is quickly becoming an Australian favorite casino to play poker.

Ignition Casino has done a good job at differentiating themselves from the competition. From the presentation on their website, to their full spectrum of live games, slots, and mobile blackjack, Ignition has set themselves apart from the competition. In addition to a variety of gaming options on their standard casino website, Ignition offers optimized mobile blackjack, slots, and even poker on their mobile app, available for both iOS and Android users. In a market where it is difficult to stand out, Ignition Casino has done an excellent job of finding their niche.

The vast majority of online casinos cater to slot players. Slot play makes up a large majority of online casino gaming. So, while it makes sense for online casino sites to focus much of the efforts on slots, players can enjoy other gaming options. These include poker, blackjack, and specialty games, such as keno. Some may feel a bit slighted by the lack of diversity of gaming options among sites. Ignition focuses on all aspects of casino gaming, with a full poker room, plenty of slots, as well as a wide variety of table games, available via browser or the Ignition app. Mobile blackjack and Roulette are some of the most popular no deposit bonus offerings at Ignition.

While there is no shortage of slot gaming opportunities on the Ignition Casino website, the gaming options for poker, blackjack, and other popular casino offerings are truly outstanding. In addition to a huge array of table games, blackjack options, and specialty games, Ignition Casino also hosts a full poker room, with a variety of poker options for both beginners and experts, as well as a number of standard tournaments and freerolls. Ignition also offers a huge variety of live dealer casino games for players who prefer an experience similar to a brick & mortar casino. Also worthy of note, is Ignition's mobile blackjack & slots options.

Ignition Casino Mobile Blackjack, Slots and Poker

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Another area where Ignition has focused much of their attention is within their mobile casino gaming. The mobile casino options at Ignition are excellent. From fully optimized poker rooms to mobile blackjack, Ignition Casino has done an excellent job of creating a fully optimized mobile experience. While many casinos focus strictly on optimizing slots for mobile play, Ignition Casino offers mobile blackjack, poker, and baccarat, including live dealer games that are easy to access and provide smooth, consistent play by phone or tablet.

With a variety of mobile blackjack options, Ignition Casino has fully optimized the player experience for both iOS and Android devices. While testing gameplay on a variety of both poker games and mobile blackjack options on the Ignition mobile site, players found the gameplay to be consistently smooth, very consistent, and similar to a traditional brick & mortar casino experience. While many casinos have done an excellent job at optimizing slot play for mobile users, Ignition mobile blackjack and poker play provide an excellent gaming experience, consistent with what gamers experience on the standard website.

In addition to optimized slots, table games, and mobile blackjack, Ignition also provides mobile access to the Ignition poker room. Players can access both standard poker games, as well as poker tournaments from their mobile device, with gameplay fully optimized to their specific device, whether mobile phone or tablet, iOS or Android.

Promotion Offerings - Welcome Bonus & Match Play

One of the biggest drivers of customers to new casino sites is bonus opportunities. Ignition Casino offers a no deposit bonus for new players. Unlike the majority of no deposit bonus options, Ignition offers a no deposit chip bonus, rather than the standard free spin or slot bonus. A chip bonus equates to casino cash that can be used not only for slots, but also for any of the table games, Ignition mobile blackjack, baccarat, video poker, or more.

In addition to their standard no deposit, chip bonus, Ignition casino offers a ton of additional promotional opportunities for both new and established players. With a welcome bonus designed for both the traditional casino, for use with Ignition slots, mobile blackjack, or other table games; they also offer a separate poker room welcome bonus. This is a great opportunity for new players to get acclimated to the poker room, and the related gameplay.

In addition to their new player no deposit bonus and their generous welcome bonus for both the casino and the poker room, Ignition Casino offers a ton of bonus opportunities for match play, free spins, and VIP no deposit bonus cash back offerings. Return players can expect to receive plenty of offers for match play on deposits for both the standard casino, as well as the poker room. The VIP program is a tiered program that provides comp points based on the amount of money bet on any of the casino games - Ignition slots, mobile blackjack, or other table or specialty games. Comp points can be redeemed for cash back. Cash back for VIP points can be claimed at any time, even without a current deposit.

Player Feedback

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In reviewing feedback from current Ignition casino players, the most popular aspect of the site is their table game offering. With a variety of games, with both live dealer options, as well as standard play, Ignition Casino's mobile blackjack, poker, and baccarat tables are one of the largest draws to the casino site. With a return to player percentage that is above industry average, Ignition mobile blackjack, video poker, and slot players also cite game play and overall returns as another positive factor when playing at Ignition.

Players also cite the smooth play and easy optimization of the mobile site for both iOS and Android devices. From slots to live casino games to mobile blackjack, etc, Ignition casino has done an excellent job at creating a mobile site that is easy to use, and fully compatible with any Android or iOS device.

Ignition has received positive feedback on both their welcome bonus program, their no deposit bonus offerings, as well as their VIP program. When compared to similarly sized online casino sites, players have often cited their overall satisfaction with Ignition Casino's full spectrum of promotional opportunities. In particular, the no deposit chip style bonus in place of standard free spins, and the 2 tiered welcome bonus that encompasses both the standard casino site as well as the Ignition poker room.

The Bottom Line

After reviewing the gaming options at Ignition, the mobile blackjack and live casino options are truly outstanding. For players who appreciate table games, poker, and live casino action, Ignition has plenty to offer. Their welcome bonus, no deposit bonus, and their VIP program, all of which encompass both poker and standard casino play, are excellent as well. Aside from the live casino and poker room, every game in the casino can be played for fun, as well as for real money. This gives players an opportunity to familiarize themselves with overall game play prior to making a monetary commitment. Ignition's mobile blackjack, slots, and specialty game offerings are excellent, and while not every game from the website is available on mobile, there are plenty of options for the serious gamer. Ignition is definitely a standout in the online casino market.